About Us


We are experts in the art and science of successful electronic manufacture from concept to end of life. This is also known as Interconnect Technology. At the concept stage we can help with material selection; at the production stage assist with assembly issues and advise on end of life strategies.

01 Why Choose ST&S Group?

ST and S Group was founded in 2001, as Solderability Testing and Solutions, Inc. We are located in Richmond, KY and offer Interconnect Technology, Process and Product Validation Testing, Failure Analysis and Consulting.

Company President, Gerard O’Brien is an acknowledged expert in Surface Finish, Solderability Issues and Failure Analysis in the PWA, PWB and component fields. He was previously Director of Material Test, Reliability and Technology at Photocircuits Inc., Chairman of ANSI J-STD 003, Co-Chairman of IPC 4-10 Fabrication Processes Committee, a key member of ANSI J-STD 002 and 6012 Committees. He is also an author and co-author of numerous published technical papers. He has written chapter 42, Solderability, Incoming Inspection and Wetting Balance Testing, in edition six of Coombs' Printed Circuit Handbook. Mr. O’Brien has intimate working knowledge of all aspects of PWB, PWA and components manufacturing and assembly. His in depth knowledge of actual processes, plating chemistry and equipment gives him a great advantage when auditing a vendor or troubleshooting an out of control process.

02 Mission & Quality Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the Go-To-lab for Interconnect Technology support. We will give answers, not data, in a timely and cost effective manner so our clients will grow our business through referrals and repeat business.

Quality Statement

S T and S Group Testing and Analysis, will meet or exceed clients’ expectations through compliance with ISO 17025: 2005(E) standards in testing services feedback, continuous education, improvement and maintaining strict client confidentiality.