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What's happening at ST&S Group

S T and S is delighted to announce one of our two latest acquisitions – a Fischer Technology XDV XRF.

This is in addition to our existing Fischer technology XDAL-SDD XRF. The new XDV unit has a 50 mm² SDD detector compared to the 20 mm² detector on the XDAL unit. This increase in detector size will allow for direct measurement of Phosphorus [%P] in ENIG, ENEPIG and other electroless nickel plating’s. The %P, while not overly impacting the actual performance of the nickel plating, has become an issue with some large OEMs relative to procurement requirements and the acceptable range of phosphorus present in a sample. Additionally, XRF measurements for ENIG and ENEPIG traditionally use a fixed nominal %P value in the calibration and product file. This can lead to erroneous measurement of the thickness of the nickel by understating over overstating the results based on the %P used for calibration versus the actual %P in the deposit.

Some of the additional features of the XDV:

* Premium universal XRF analyzer for automated measurements of very thin coatings (< 0.05 μm) and for fine material analysis in the sub per mil range according to ISO 3497 and ASTM B 568

* 6x changeable primary filter and 4x changeable collimators to optimize the measuring conditions

* Analysis of light elements like aluminum, silicon and phosphorus

* Sample heights up to 14 cm

* High precision, programmable XY stage with positioning accuracy of < 5 µm for automated measurements on small structures

* Detection of Pb in plastics approx. 2ppm!

ST and S takes delivery of LBT 210 Wetting Balance.

Following delays due to Covid-19, ST and S is pleased to announce receipt of Microtonics LBT 210 wetting balance. As the North American distributor we can now offer demonstrations and testing on this system.  


Installation of new Zeiss Discovery V20

Again continuing with equipment upgrades to the newly expanded lab, ST and S has recently commissioned a new Zeiss Discovery V20 stereoscope.  The V20 is the industry gold standard for visual inspection, with unparalleled optics and magnification capabilities.  6/2021

Installation of new Bruker EDS system.

Continuing with equipment upgrades to the newly expanded lab, we have recently commissioned a new Bruker Nano XFlash EDS detector on our Zeiss EVO 50 SEM.  6/2020

ST and S is happy to announce our new partnership with Microtronic Microelectronic Vertriebs GmbH, Germany as their North American distributor. 11/2019

ST and S is pleased to announce that its president Gerard O'Brien has assumed the position of chairman for the IPC 5-23B committee responsible for component solderability testing (IPC JSTD-002).  Gerard has been a member of this committee since its inception.

We would like to wish former chairman Dave Hillman all the best for his retirement.

Ernst Eggelaar president of Microtronic's has gracefully accepted the position of Vice-chairman of this committee. 


ST and S is pleased to announce the third expansion of our laboratory. We have recently purchased 2000sq feet that has been updated specifically to meet the needs of our expanding business.  2/2019

ST and S is pleased to offer an automated Dip and Look tester that meets the requirements of the IPC 6012E and IPC JSTD-002/003 standards. 

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