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Hyper-corrosion evaluation per IPC 4552B or customer specific requirements.


S T and S is the premiere laboratory for hyper-corrosion of nickel evaluation as it pertains to ENIG and ENEPIG.  An accurate and dispute free evaluation begins with the quality of the cross section made. All cross sections at S T and S use the highest grade epoxy currently on the market to ensure the best edge retention possible. All cross sections made at S T and S, regardless of the reason for the cross section are made to allow optical inspection at 1000X with the area being evaluated being planar to allow for maximum inspection area. The field of view at 1000X is approx. 4 mils wide and with our sections we inspect 4 mils of feature. All cross sections are made with the possibility for the need for SEM analysis, this requiring epoxy and a scratch free mount. In addition to the quality of the cross section, S T and S only use the highest grade Zeiss optics with the 100X objective (used in combination with the 10X oculars to produce 1000X) being an EC Epiplan Apochromat 0.95 HD DIC – the finest 100X objective available.

As the former Co-chairman for  20 years of the 4-14 surface finish plating committee, the inspection will be performed by the individual responsible for the evaluation plan originated in the IPC 4552A and the current IPC 4552B

Typical Image quality from ST and S clearly showing hyper-corrosion.
Typical image for hyper-corrosion evaluation from other commercial labs.
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